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Conio is an innovative start-up operating in the fintech field, which allows everyone to approach the Bitcoin world in a simple way.

Founded in 2015 by Christian Miccoli and Vincenzo Di Nicola, Conio has realized the first Italian Bitcoin wallet that works on smartphones, with the goal to allow everyone, small and large savers, to enter the market of digital currency without technical complexity nor worries, in the belief that a private currency can contribute to make the entire system more efficient economic, improving prospects medium-long term earnings, also reducing the risk of the effects that geo-political changes can have on traditional currencies.

As a tech company, Conio also offers ad financial institutions, banks and insurance companies, integrated solutions for asset management digital, from wallets to the management of cryptocurrency to the integration of protocols blockchain within cards and services payment on smartphone.

The Conio team is growing rapidly is already composed of 15 people and boasts overall an important know-how on the world of cryptocurrencies.

Vincenzo Di Nicola

Founder, Co-CEO

After a Master's degree in Computer Science at Stanford University and work experience in Microsoft and Yahoo!, co-founds the startup GoPago, a cloud-based payment system funded by JP Morgan Chase; in 2013 it sells the technology to Amazon.

It is in Silicon Valley that Vincenzo learns about cryptocurrencies, observing their evolution since the early stage. Returning to Italy, he decided to carry out his ambitious project of making Bitcoins a financial tool for everyone and in 2015, together with Christian Miccoli, he founded Conio.

Vincenzo is also an advisor to both the Italian government and Republic of San Marino to draft national strategies on Blockchain technologies.

Christian Miccoli

Founder, Co-CEO

Pioneer of online banking in Italy, after the experience at McKinsey, where he promoted the project of a direct bank, continued then in Rasbank, he starts the Orange Account in acting as General Manager of Ing Direct. In 2008 as Managing Director launches Che Banca! where it stays up to assume the role of President.

Driven by the his passion and his experience in develop innovative services in the field financial, identifying in the world of Bitcoin and cryptography include the features of a profound change, in 2015 founds Conio together with Vincenzo Di Nicola.

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Here you can find the latest press releases related to our company and our products.

Transazioni Bitcoin più veloci e convenienti: Conio lancia accelera, la funzionalità di selezione intelligente delle mining fee
27 September 2018

La giovane società dal team tutto italiano è tra le prime al mondo a sviluppare l’innovativa funzionalità. Sugli store la nuova versione dell’app che permette agli utenti di velocizzare e di risparmiare sull’inclusione delle transazioni nella rete Bitcoin, scegliendo con semplicità i tempi e le commissioni destinate ai miner.

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Conio raccoglie sul mercato 3 mln di dollari di nuova liquidita
21 June 2018

La societa fintech riceve una valutazione superiore a 40 mln di dollari.

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Quando l'oro incontra il Bitcoin
12 June 2018

Confinvest e Conio lanciano il primo servizio per convertire loro in Bitcoin e viceversa. La moneta più antica del mondo si allea con la più recente e innovativa.

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