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Don't take on development costs and maintenance. A dedicated team will help you to jump-start your product.

Fast and secure multi signature Bitcoin wallet.
2-of-3 Multisig
HSM-based key recovery
Fee estimation
Fee bumping (RBF, CPFP)
SegWit and bech32 support
Exchangecontact us
Enable your customers to buy and sell Bitcoin in realtime.
Buy BTC with credit cards
Sell BTC with wire transfer
Custom buy and sell methods
On-chain transaction
Tax reporting
Paymentscontact us
Bitcoin payments both for e-commerce and retail.
Payments API for e-commerce
Mobile POS
Instant BTC/EUR conversion
Ana Julea, Compliance Manager

Save more than 2 years of development.

A dedicated team will help you to design and develop a custom solution in less than 6 months.

  1. Plan

    1st week
    • Economic assessment
    • Technical assessment
    • AML/KYC assessment
    • Product exploration
  2. Implement

    3rd week
    • Solution architect
    • UX/UI design consulting
    • Legal support
  3. Train

    3rd month
    • Customer care
    • Business analysis
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